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I Will Professionally Edit Your Video

Do you have a video and want it customized and rendered? Then this is the perfect gig you are looking for.

Video is a powerful tool that can engage with millions of people around the world and convey stories in a way that words can’t alone.

I am a video editor with over 5 years of experience. I have worked on a wide range of digital video content – commercials, explainer videos, corporate video, interviews & testimonials videos, conferences and lecture videos and more.

Key Features

  • Provide video edit service for your short clips/marketing clips/commercials/events/business production/multi-cam editing/green screen editing
  • Color correct, edit, alter, encode, your digital assets in anyway you need
  • Add music and text (provided by you)
  • Adding Logo/Watermark
  • Transitions, overlays, effects, motion graphics
  • Output and render in any file format you would like
  • Revisions are always included

Key Benefits

  • It’s the next big thing
  • Videos are impactful
  • You can compete with your competitor’s marketing strategy
  • Boost your conversions with a compelling video

If you hire me you’ll get exactly what professionals deliver, regular communication, attention to detail and timely delivery.


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