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I Will Write Effective Emails For Your Campaign


Email marketing is one of the best ways to turn visitors into customers and one-time customers into repeat buyers.

My main goal is to help you connect with your next future customers, reduce costs, and save time. I will deliver an outstanding, customer-written email series that you can use in your email marketing no matter what email automation you’re using.

Key Features

  • Compelling subject line and CTA
  • Powerful email series copy
  • Welcome and Thank you email
  • Introduce the Brand/Team
  • Show Your “Best Of”
  • Bounce Them Around
  • Prescribe Next Steps
  • Open a Loop
  • Start a Conversation

Every email campaign I write is unique and I take the time to understand both your company and your target demographic. All emails are written as a series, starting with a general introduction email and moving to more action-oriented emails – based on your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Educate your new subscribers and allow them to get them to know you/your brand better
  • Build customer relationship and trust
  • Increase conversion rates and ROI

Let your subscribers know that you’re available to them if they want to get in touch

I will get your campaign started for you. See you on the inside!


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