How do I get Started?

  1. Sign up for certification training 
  2. Access to 8 core DigitalMarketing certifications
  3. Become Internationally certified gigster (Freelancer)
  4. Earn badges and certifications for all completed trainings
  5. Access to Online Business University faculty
  1. Become Member of after completion of certification training
  2. Access to our private, members-only community 
  3. Sign-up on and create your Gigster profile
  4. Update all the requisite details to get access to Gigstore (Marketplace)
  5. Get opportunities to work with international clients 
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  1. Create your own GIG on Gigstore
  2. Download standard pics to upload your GIG on Gigstore
  3. Update pricing 
  1. Get awarded as a certified gigster 
  2. Become your own client and execute the gig for yourself first
  3. Work with clients, complete the Gig and earn as a Freelancer
  1. Get opportunities to work with Virtual Dream Team
  2. Based on your skills and experience, execute gig that is specific to your expertise
  3. Interact with the Account Managers assigned to specific package to seek clarifications(s) specific to execution of the package
  4. Work with the Virtual Dream Team and gain authority as a team player
  1. Share your best proposal in response to jobs posted on
  2. Execute gigs for Guru community
  3. Get a chance to work with world-class Digital Guru’s
  1. Sign up for affiliate partner program and earn 5% affiliate (referral) commission for lifetime for the gigs purchased through website by your referrals
  2. Refer and earn 50% affiliate commission for each sign up on Digital certified training 
  1. Opportunity to become digital coach on our Gigstitute
  2. Create Digital course based on your Freelancing skills
  3. Record courses and get reviewed with experts
  4. Conduct LIVE classes or sell recorded courses and build authority in your domain 
  1. Stay tuned for updates on the Digital Gig-Franchiser module
  1. Partner / collaborate as Gigster and become part of Virtual Dream Team
  2. Partner / collaborate as a Gig-Franchiser
  3. Partner / collaborate with member community to become Digital Coach 
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