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My Virtual Dream Team is your solution for more freedom of time and money!

Are you a coach, a speaker, an author, a consultant, or even all of these at the same time?

Have you ever wonder how would be your life if you had the chance to do only the coaching/training part without having to bother about all the hundreds of things needed to get customers in front of you

How much struggle and energy you could save if only you didn’t have to do all those Social Media posting every day?

Maybe all you want is to send a link to your customers and all the magic of automation has been programmed for you and you can sit down and relax?

How can you navigate through all these thousands of propositions online about the best way to make money for your type of business?

Maybe it is time to Think, Outsource, and Grow Rich with My Virtual Dream Team.

After trying for many years to do it all on my own because I was to fearful and not knowledgeable enough to outsource internationally my digital marketing, I fell on an awesome and Top Master Digital Marketer, Gaurav Gurbaxani, the owner and creator of this actual website: Digital Market.

Through a great collaboration and the writing of our book, Get F Ready Online: Top Secret Outsourcing Handbook for Digital Marketing, we came up with the best framework to help our freelancers to get to a high quality of international standards, without compromising on the speed, cost, and efficiency.

With My Virtual Dream Team, I went a notch further by going deeper and specialized a full team to answer the needs of Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and Consultants, since I am one myself and I know exactly what is needed for us.

I simply created My Virtual Dream Team so all the issues mentioned above are taking care of.

Please don’t hesitate to take a look at my free ebook on how to start setup your coaching business online for free or

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Master Degree

  •  Université de Montréal
  •  May 2008 - Aug 2010

Master's degree in Teaching Second language.

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