Custom Video Package (Quarterly)




Deliverables From Videopreneur…
1. Video Editing {6Macro Videos}
a. Intro to be placed at starting of video {2-3 secs}
b. Video colour-graded based on LUTs.
c. Lower Third Included:
i. Your Name = Name
ii. Social media Icons: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…
iii. Subscribe Prompt
d. Fillers 3-5 Fillers per 3mins = (Royalty-Free Use)
e. Pointers: Essential Point’s will be highlighted
f. Music: Inspirational/Uplifting/Playful (Royalty Free Music)
g. Cutting: Unwanted parts to be cut based on instructions received on google sheet
h. If Green Screen Removal/ White Background Placement
i. Deliverables of Videos:
1. 10 Macro Video 16:9 Ratio
2. Dedicated Project Manager To Take Care of Your Operations.
3. Assigned Videopreneur To Take Care of all your Video Edits.


Video Delivery
a. Any Video will be delivered in a max of 72 Hours of Time after submission.
On a request to edit videos on an urgent basis Time = 24 Hours.
b. Google Drive/ Mega Link of the video would be shared with you on your assigned Google
c. Any Re Correction would be done 1 time for any Video within the next 3 days of Video


Terms & Conditions
1. Your videos would be edited based on an Optimum Template-based model.
{We have a special plan for special editing videos}
2. Every month we’ll are responsible for delivering 10 Macro.
& If any chance we were unable to receive raw video content then we can’t carry forward the remaining
balance to the next month.
3. Get your video edited on any weekday. {That too 2-3 Videos a week}
4. We request you a time period of at least 72 hours for a video edit (Varies on packages)
5. If any re-correction of video occurs we would love to do it 1X Times within 48 hours of video request
submission & Sorry to say but this request gets expire within 1 Week of submission of the video.
6. We are editors & please don’t hold us responsible for generating leads/results
7. We respect your privacy & so we request you to not have any contact with our employees this could result at
the end of our services.
8. Any Additional Service From This Would be Charged Accordingly.
9. By replying to this mail, you agree to start our services and accept our terms and conditions…
If you have any concern please feel free to contact your assigned project manager Vanshika @ +91-9373005831, hello@videopreneur.in

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