I will draw you an illustration, art commission

3,000 2,322


I love sci-fi, robots, cyber suits, iron suits, exoskeletons, mecha, fantasy, and steampunk. 
And I can draw it for you!

It can be
– character illustration
– concept design of items, characters, vehicles
– scene illustration
– book illustration
– cover art

I will need a description, what you want to see and what mood do you want in the image (or at least my interpretation of the mood). It will be great if you have reference images.
Just DM and we’ll discuss your project )

You can order digital sketch in black-white, character illustration, or full-color illustration.

Additional character +30$
2 free revisions included, any additional +10$

Commercial use +100$

Please DO NOT

  • ask to copy someone’s style.
  • ask to edit your or anyone’s picture
  • ask to make logo, title or any other vector design
  • expect too realistic portrait resemblance with real people faces

I will probably post the final result or part of it on Instagram, so if you don’t want me to publish work anywhere – just tell me about it )

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