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About This Gig

Hello!  Riddle me this: what single word connects your brand to its mission, reputation, content, events, founders and all of its B2B and B2C initiatives?  Okay, I’ll tell you.  Storytelling!  From AI to tech and health and wellness to fashion to arts and culture, we tell stories to connect people, grow communities, spark new ideas, and foster brand loyalty.  Visibility for your brand is not just about marketing and sales, it’s also about newsworthy stories that share company news, product milestones, philanthropic initiatives, and events.  That’s what I do—because storytelling is in my DNA.  I tailor ad-hoc, weekly, and monthly strategic branding sessions for your brand, launch, content, influencer and public relations strategy in order to increase awareness about your newsworthy stories.  Art, beauty, culture, fashion, film, lifestyles, social impact, and tech brands, innovators and service providers—win some!  Rinse! Repeat!  Now the ball is in your court.  What’s your story?  Let’s collaborate!

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