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Deliverables in Video Ads:-

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, VIDEO AD {0.30secs-3Mins]

1. 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 9:16 Video Proportion of VIDEO AD
2. Subtitles
3. Fillers{Stock Footages, Stock Music}
4. Call to Action Template
5. Written SCRIPT{PAID}
6. Script Template with Do’s and Don’ts
7. Shooting Guidelines
8. Logo
9. Time/Progress Bar
10. Highly Engaging Title
11. Color Grading
12. Color Correction

Our Offerings:-

1. Video Ads Editing Service Includes:-

A. Guiding you to shoot the ad.
B. Pre-made templates {Appropriate Scene Shooting, Best Shooting Device Setting}
C. Post-Editing Videos
D. Repurpose the content to be used in multiple media extensions
E. Delivering finished videos under speculated time.
F, promotional photo quote for your campaign

2. Any additional services like

a. Addition of Video Clips or AudioClips
b. Dubbing
c. Scripting
d. Shooting

Would cost on case to case basis…

Terms and Conditions:-

1. Only one revision or re-correction within 5 days of delivery shall be entertained post that would charge 15% of the video editing of the cost.

2. You are requested to have your expectations explicit with the following points

a. Color: Correction and Grading
b. Graphics: Essential points & name highlighting
c. Transitions: based on the theme of video {Formal or Informal}
d. Music: Based on the TOPIC of the video {Uplifting, Inspirational etc}


a. On each individual project the payment is in 100% advance.

b. For projects which are under retainership of 6 months and above the total amount 100% has to be paid at the start or commissioning of the project every month as decided as per the MOU {Memorandum of Understanding}.

c. The delivery of the video shall be initiated once 100% of payment terms have been met & all the recorrections have to be done in less than 5 days of the delivery, for every recorrection post 5 days would be charging 15% of each

d. Any case of recorrections has to be done within 5 days, Incase if you are retainership regular client with us and if it is just for one sort of a project then it should be done in less than 3 days, I am sure 3 days is good enough for us to work, any project coming for recorrection post 5 days would be charging 15% of cost of individual project that we charge, Which would be depending on our present terms and present rates of functioning.

4. We should not be held responsible for lead generation.

5. Any time you send video back to us we would require at least 10-15 days for submission from the raw videos.

6. On jobs at the prior basis the charges would be the same as 15% the cost of the project would be added, else it would be taken as an individual project-wise if you are on a regular customer base under the retainership model,
Else the charges of each video based on the availability of videopreneurs & present high priority jobs that we need to finish off would depend on our cost.

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